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Just published: „Parenting by Mothers in Immigrant Families from Poland, Russia and Turkey in Germany“

Öztürk, Yasmin / Reisenauer, Eveline / Castiglioni, Laura / Walper, Sabine (2023) Parenting by Mothers in Immigrant Families from Poland, Russia and Turkey in Germany: Migration-Related Similarities or Origin-Related Differences? In: Comparative Migration Studies 11, 13. DOI: 10.1186/s40878-023-00356-x

Abstract: Even if families in migration contexts have been the subject of an increasing amount of attention in migration research in the recent years, there is a noticeable knowledge deficit with regard to current parenting practices and socialization goals of immigrant families living in Germany. This is particularly striking since child-rearing is of central importance for children’s development and their educational pathways. This paper seeks to fill this gap, drawing on the survey “Growing up in Germany: Everyday Life” (AID:A) provided by the German Youth Institute (DJI). Similarities and differences in attitudes towards parenting among immigrant mothers compared to mothers without migration backgrounds were analyzed with regard to parenting practices (emotional warmth, punishment and child’s active participation) and socialization goals (performance/self-control and positive social behavior). In a sample of 5870 mothers reporting on a child under the age of nine, mothers in families where both they and the father had Turkey, Russia or Poland as their country of origin were included and compared to autochthonic families. The results revealed significant differences in parenting practices and socialization goals between mothers with and without migration backgrounds. Concerning parenting practices, Turkish and Russian mothers differed significantly from German mothers with regard to emotional warmth and punishment. In terms of socialization goals, all immigrant mothers placed more emphasis on both performance/self-control, as well as positive social behavior for their children than mothers without migration backgrounds in Germany.

Just published: „Erziehungsförderung in Migrationsfamilien“

Reisenauer, Eveline (2022) Erziehungsförderung in Migrationsfamilien: Perspektiven einer migrationssensiblen Familienbildung. In: Peterlini, Hans Karl / Donlic, Jasmin (Eds.) Familie. Jahrbuch Migration und Gesellschaft. Bielefeld: Transcript, pp. 21–33. DOI: 10.14361/9783839459379-002

The article aims to raise awareness of the connections between migration,
family and parenthood. Taking family education in Germany, it explores
how parenthood is understood and approached in migrant families. The
results presented on family education in the context of migration were
obtained from the Diversity and Change in Parenting in Migrant Families
research project (DIWAN). Firstly, it tracks the change in the approach of
family education to migration issues since the 1980s. It then focuses on how
family education deals with migration-related diversity. Finally, it considers
the perspective of parents with migration experience on family education.
In summary, the article argues for migration-aware family education that
takes into account both the diversity of families and the specific needs of migrant
families, in order to increase their visibility and participation.


Just published: „The Socialisation of Migrant Children in Transnational Settings“

Reisenauer, Eveline (2022) The Socialisation of Migrant Children in Transnational Settings. In: Czech Sociological Review 58 (1), pp. 7–28. DOI: 10.13060/csr.2022.012

This article argues that it is central to consider the socialisation processes of migrant children in transnational settings when focusing on issues of integration and the transnationality of the next generation. A central experience of migrant children is that they grow up and are involved in both the emigration and immigration country (of their parents). Many of them circulate between Germany and Turkey several times and maintain multiple relationships across national borders when they are growing up. This has implications for their family relationships and educational careers in childhood, but beyond that it also has effects that are detectable into adulthood. The article shows that migrant children develop the potential and skills that enable them to live a transnational life. The question the article therefore addresses is whether and how a transnational childhood affects the transnationality and integration of the next generation in the adult life.

Just published: „Adressierungen von Migrationsfamilien in Elternmaterialien“

Reisenauer, Eveline / Lüring, Klara (2022) Adressierungen von Migrationsfamilien in Elternmaterialien: Migration aus der Perspektive der Eltern- und Familienbildung. In: Stock, Miriam / Hodaie, Nazli / Immerfall, Stefan / Menz, Margarete (Hrsg.) Migrationsgesellschaft: Pädagogik, Profession, Praktik. Wiesbaden: Springer VS, S. 67–83. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-658-34087-2_4

Zielgruppenspezifische Angebote der Eltern- und Familienbildung im Bereich der Migration sind darauf ausgerichtet, die Erziehungskompetenzen von Eltern mit Migrationserfahrung zu fördern und zu stärken. In diesem Kontext geraten auch in Elternmaterialien zunehmend die Interessen und Bedarfe von Migrationsfamilien in den Fokus. Diesbezüglich wird im Rahmen des Projekts „Diversität und Wandel der Erziehung in Migrantenfamilien“ (DIWAN) der Frage nachgegangen, welche Adressierungen von Familien mit Migrationserfahrung dabei vorgenommen werden und wie sich diese im Zeitverlauf wandeln.

Just published: „Diversifizierung von Migrationsfamilien und ihrer Kindererziehung“

Reisenauer, Eveline (2021) Diversifizierung von Migrationsfamilien und ihrer Kindererziehung: Implikationen für die Soziale Arbeit im Migrationskontext. In: Migration und Soziale Arbeit 43 (4), pp. 292–299.

Ausgehend von bestehenden stereotypisierenden Vorstellungen über Migrationsfamilien und ihrer Kindererziehung, nimmt der vorliegende Beitrag einen Perpektivenwechsel vor, der an der aktuell gelebten familialen Realität von Migrant*innen ansetzt. Es wird gezeigt, dass gegenwärtig sowohl der familialen Diversität im Migrationskontext als auch ungenutzten Potentialen in Migrationsfamilien eine zunehmende Relevanz beizumessen ist. Vor dem Hintergrund dieser Überlegungen schließt der Beitrag mit einem knappen Fazit zu Implikationen für eine migrationssensible Gestaltung der Sozialen Arbeit.

Just published: „Multilokales und transnationales Familienleben: UnDoing Family bei räumlicher Distanz“

Reisenauer, Eveline (2020) Multilokales und transnationales Familienleben. UnDoing Family bei räumlicher Distanz. In: Jurczyk, Karin (Ed.) Doing und Undoing Family. Konzeptionelle und empirische Entwicklungen. Weinheim: Beltz Juventa, pp. 296–310.

Just published: „Distant Relationships in Transnational Families and Kinship Networks“

Reisenauer, Eveline (2018) Distant Relationships in Transnational Families and Kinship Networks: The Case of Turkish Migrants in Germany. In: Crespi, Isabella / Giada Meda, Stefania / Merla, Laura (Eds.) Making Multicultural Families in Europe. Gender and Intergenerational Relations. London: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 109-126.