Just published: „The Socialisation of Migrant Children in Transnational Settings“

Reisenauer, Eveline (2022) The Socialisation of Migrant Children in Transnational Settings. In: Czech Sociological Review 58 (1), pp. 7–28. DOI: 10.13060/csr.2022.012

This article argues that it is central to consider the socialisation processes of migrant children in transnational settings when focusing on issues of integration and the transnationality of the next generation. A central experience of migrant children is that they grow up and are involved in both the emigration and immigration country (of their parents). Many of them circulate between Germany and Turkey several times and maintain multiple relationships across national borders when they are growing up. This has implications for their family relationships and educational careers in childhood, but beyond that it also has effects that are detectable into adulthood. The article shows that migrant children develop the potential and skills that enable them to live a transnational life. The question the article therefore addresses is whether and how a transnational childhood affects the transnationality and integration of the next generation in the adult life.